The Building

Built in 1910, this former factory building has been fully redesigned for residential use. Located on a quaint street in central Williamsburg,"The Skillman" embodies the neighborhood's mixture of the classic and contemporary.

With 26 exclusive loft spaces, "The Skillman" is equipped with luxury amenities and individual features, while maintaining the structural integrity of an industrial loft space.


Each of "the Skillman's" loft spaces are unique to its unparalelled architecture, with high ceilings, large loft windows, and exposed piping. Only "The Skillman" can offer original brick walls, and sharp eyed attention to design and detail.

With the help of 12" wide planked flooring and the ethereal bath of sunlight, "The Skillman's" loft spaces feel unpretentious within its industrial finishes.

With cavernous living rooms, vast, immaculate bedrooms, and massive walk-in closets, there is no compromise of space for those who call "The Skillman" home.